About Me

I am Anjali Dixit, a Delhiite, currently employed in a reputed Digital Marketing Company. After spending a few years in the industry, I felt confident enough to start a new venture by launching this website, which is my dream and my passion – FashionGoodTimes.

This is my first attempt and a venture to present you a platform where you would come across unique and engaging stuff from the fashion industry. I owe this to my fellow friends and colleagues who compelled me to pursue my interest in fashion and luxury. Moving further, this is also an effort to promote self-motivated and independent contributors who are still thinking to take a stand for themselves.

My blog, launched in 2015, features articles, videos and photography from the luxury fashion industry. This is a medium to let me bring fashion news, trends and new styles across borders and let the worldwide audiences enjoy what is happening around them (of course from the fashion industry). I feel being on the right track as I have garnered readers’ interests, a strong social media following and a strong support of fashion aficionados.

Half the battle is won, but still a long way to go. I hope I would be able to keep you stylish and chic.

I would appreciate any suggestion or feedback that you want to give.

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