Colorbar Timeless Filling And Lifting Foundation Review

Colorbar Timeless Filling And Lifting Foundation Review

I love to explore new makeup products and when there is question of trusting makeup brand then my choice ultimately stops on COLORBAR. Recently, I used Colorbar Timeless Filling And Lifting Foundation and it was ultimate. It perfectly blends with skin and gives it a shiny look.

Colorbar Timeless Filling And Lifting Foundation Review

After using this foundation, yes I could see smoother finish and lighter smaller pores and the forehead looked little smoother too. I also wore this with another foundation on the other side of the face to check and compare. I was amazed with the results. This one was smoother, natural looking and even lasted longer without any oil on the surface. I also noticed that this does not oxidize at all, which is splendid. I got really frustrated with the foundations that got oxidize.

It already includes primer, so there is no need to apply a coat of primer before applying foundation. It already gives long lasting impact on skin and thats I liked most about this product.

Colorbar Timeless Filling And Lifting Foundation ReviewPros

Qualities of Colorbar Foundation that I liked most –

  • It is lightweight, oil free, easy to blend and filled with moisturizing & other benefits.
  • It is a fluid Color-Match Foundation that adapts itself to the natural color of the skin and leads to a smooth finish hiding away wrinkles and other skin imperfections.
  • Its “Soft Focus” complex minimizes all skin imperfections giving a homogeneous look.
  • It contains UV filters for sun protection benefits.


There are only one or two negative things that I want to mention regarding this product which are –

  • You don’t get perfect finish in single coat. You must need to apply double coat to get perfect glam on your face.
  • Also, the cost is another constraint for this. It is too high.

Although, on a personal note, I liked this foundation and would definitely like to recommend to all girls because there is no such skin issue with this product. It is perfect for all skin types. Moreover, it is trustable product on which you can easily relay.

PRICE – Rs. 1050

WEIGHT – 30ml

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