How to dress like Taylor Swift without being cliché?

How to dress like Taylor Swift without being cliché?

Sometimes, we like to interrupt our style routine and start chasing our favorite celebrity dresses. How they carry swag and copy them to look eccentric. That’s why, I recalled the name of a diva, who is not only a style inspiration, but also insists you to groove on her songs. Yes, she is my favorite, one and only Taylor Swift.


I am not only a fan of her fashion sense but also her songs. Girls!! I will suggest you to steal her style. So, when I realized that my wardrobe has been filled with similar pieces, I thought to share it with you also. Scroll down and see what I have penned down for you.


Striped shirt and pair of black shorts


Taylor Swift in Striped shirt and pair of black shorts


This is the signature dress of Taylor Swift. It would look stunning on every girl. You can sport this simple outfit on weekends to hang around with friends. Dare to reveal your bare legs and add to your glam quotient! Amp up your look by applying red lipstick.


Blue skirt with white top 


Taylor Swift in Blue skirt with white top


I have noticed that Taylor Swift mostly prefers to wear simple and light colors to flaunt her super feminine look. To beat the heat of Delhi, you can opt to wear this classy and stylish skirt.


Thigh high style 


Taylor Swift's Tigh High Style



Taylor Swift is crazy about thigh high style. Similarly, I experimented with this look and pepped up the style with black thongs that are enough to make you stand out of the crowd. This style makes all school girls look grown up.


Pretty floral skirt


Pretty floral skirt


Every time, you don’t need friends to approve or compliment your style and Taylor Swift has proved that. This pretty knee-length floral skirt with collared shirt is elegant and it never goes out of style.


Black over all with white crop top


Taylor Swift in Black over all with white crop top


This outfit makes Taylor Swift scream. You can feel the same while stepping out wearing this. Amp up this look by wearing booties and red blazy pouts.


Now, you can understand why I am such a big fan of Taylor Swift. Pen down your thoughts if you have ever had any experiment with your dresses. You can also share your imitated look of a celebrity. Stay stylish!!

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